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The BLACKROLL® is more than just a roll. In addition to its massage effects the roll can be used as a tool in training. In functional training complex motion sequences are trained through the simultaneous usage of different groups of muscles. The BLACKROLL® can help in exercises aimed at strengthening, balance and mobilization of muscles and fascia. Thereby it helps create stability. Cognitive skills such as creativity can benefit from training with BLACKROLL® all the same.

How effective BLACKROLL® is in increasing intramuscular coordination and strength can be seen when looking at he wide range of athletes and therapists using the roll.

Every workout starts with training balance (poise) as good balance is the foundation to every other exercise. Without a well trained balance your workout will inevitably lead to false motion sequences.

Following these categories you will find the right exercises for strengthening, mobilization and stabilization your different muscles groups, organized by body areas.