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Bauerfeind Sports - Made in Germany

Made in Germany

Premium materials and the highest production standards since 1929

Bauerfeind Sports core technolgies for our three product lines

3D Airknit Technology

Compression knit as light as air adapts perfectly to your body’s profile, supports the wicking of sweat and prevents heat build-up

Medical Compression Technology

Highly elastic, ultra-thin knitted microfibre fabric in accordance with medical standards for a carefully regulated level of compression improving blood circulation, transport of oxygen resulting in less sore muscles and muscle cramps

Weightflex Technology

Unique, patented dual-component core with an innovative X-shaped module supports the arch of the foot and better controls the foot’s heel-to-toe movement.

Bauerfeind Sports pad technologies

Patella Pad

Pad with four nubbed pressure points that relieve the patellar tendon insertion, guideing and supporting the tendon during loading as well as stimulating the area around the patellar tendon

Five Point Pad

Sports-specific placeable pad with five nubs reduce trigger points, stimulate the muscles in the area through direct pressure on the affected inflamed tendon

Dual Pad

Precise embedding and guiding of your elbow through two anatomically contoured pads on the inside and outside of the elbow. Tendons are supported and muscles are activated to reduce risk of injury

Powerdot Activation

Soft pad provides stimulating massage of back muscles with movement to improve posture and reduce back pain

Omega Pad

Precise embedding and guiding of your kneecap through an integrated, innovative elasticated pad ensuring optimal distribution of power through the knee joint

Bauerfeind Sports product specific technologies

Targeted Support

Elastic loop allows to adjust the desired pressure of the sports support on the wrist

Boa® Fit System

Boa® closure system can set tension precisely to the millimeter, set and released with ease

Grip Technology

Integrated, skin-friendly silicone band on the upper edging for secure fit and precision with every movement

Targeted Compression Zones

Innovative 8-shaped taping and muscle toning zones with zone-specific compression provide support for the ankle and calf muscles. The taping zone improves proprioception - the sense of body awareness and stability. Muscle toning results in targeted reduction of muscle vibrations.

Powerguard Technology

Individually adjustable strap system cushions arm extension during movement and prevents elbow hyperextension – an adjustable pre-set level of tension triggers a compensatory counter-reaction in the forearm muscles

Taping Technology

Adjustable, flat looped strap provides targeted support and flexibilty to ensure effective stabilisation, reducing risk of injury especially for start-stop situations and intense jumps

Bauerfeind Sports Socks Technologies

Targeted Compression Zones

The functional zones increase the performance of the calf muscles through muscle specific compression, reduce irritating muscle vibrations, and keep your muscles in their optimal performance zone for longer.

Infinity Zone

Specially formed functional area for stabilising the arch of the foot and the ankle. Also supports the arch of the foot and effectively prevents excessive strain.

Achilles Tendon Comfort

Innovative comfort groove relieves the sensitive area around your Achilles tendon and effectively reduces irritation on longer runs.

Arch Lift

Unique comfort zone sustainably supports the arch of the foot for a better feeling when running and greater comfort on long runs.

Heel Protection

Anatomical protection zone to protect the heel as the foot touches the ground, reduce the pressure load while running, and effectively prevent excessive strain on the heel.

Relief Sole

Specially structured sole area to reduce the pressure load on the soles of your feet while running and help you cope with more strain over a longer period of time without limiting the foot’s freedom of movement.

Ultralight Knit

High-tech microfibre with a wide-meshed and open knitted fabric for reduced weight and breathability with optimum performance. Hardly noticeable yet highly effective.

Instep Comfort Zone

The Instep Comfort Zone reduces the shoe’s pressure onto the instep and provides added comfort during long treks.

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