BLACKROLL® is a great tool to use in mobilization of muscles and fascia and therefore an ideal aid in your everyday training. With minimal time and labor (around five minutes a day) you can enhance the elasticity and the capacity of your muscular system. By introducing the BLACKROLL® into your daily workout you can help prevent typical sports injuries and furthermore help your body to compensate false strains and muscular disbalances. With increasing circulation and blood flow you can shorten recovery time. Usually when working with the BLACKROLL® one group of muscles is treated at a time.

But BLACKROLL® products don't only help in regeneration. They are also perfect additions to your functional training. By deliberately using the instability created through the round forms of our products in your workout old and well known exercises can easily become more difficult and effective. This can be compared to the mechanics of a Balance-Board.

The BLACKROLL® is also deployed in functional fascia fitness to keep tension within the body.